This is why it’s a great time to revisit our 4Fs model Apr 06, 2020

The 4Fs revisited

Many of us are finding we must spend more time at home this year, for unforeseen reasons.

It’s a great opportunity, therefore, to revisit our 4Fs model.

Our general belief is that you need each of the 4Fs to be in balance.

To recap, the 4Fs are: Fun, Fitness, Finance, and...

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This is why your philosophy sets the sail Feb 25, 2020

The 4Fs: philosophy

Today, the fourth and final ‘F’ in our 4Fs framework…philosophy!

Remember, our framework is about finding a healthy balance between these four different areas of your life:

I once heard the great Jim Rohn say that your personal philosophy effectively sets...

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The 4Fs: this is why finances matter Feb 21, 2020

The 4Fs: finance

Today, a short look at the next part of out 4Fs model: finances.

As noted in previous posts, finance is important, because it helps to fund your lifestyle.

But we like to think of the 4Fs framework as a virtuous circle, with each of the component parts supporting the others.


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Our 4Fs framework: This is why fitness matters Feb 13, 2020

F for Fitness

We previously looked at the first part of our 4Fs framework here, where we discussed what you enjoying doing for fun.

Today, we’ll look briefly at fitness.

Regular maintenance

Buffett once said that if you had to buy a car which would need to last you for life,...

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