12-month personal coaching program for motivated clients seeking 7-figure results.

The changes over the past few years have presented a unique opportunity to design your dream lifestyle. Let Pete take your wealth up to the next level.
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What’s covered in the program …

Map Out The Journey

It all starts with smart GOALS. We create a blueprint to get the results you really want.

Real Estate Wealth & Development

Real estate wealth, and real estate development: discover how and where to invest in
or develop property to build substantial and lasting wealth…safely

Passive Income

Create a passive income and your own automated, personal cash machine. Most of my clients want to build a passive income of $150,000 to $300,000 per annum.

Peak Performance

Fuel peak performance in your career or business

Career and Business Coaching

The power of leverage and scaleability – how to add more value to more people.

Sell Yourself

The simple steps to being able to sell anything.

Financial Freedom

Live life on your own terms by creating FINANCIAL and TIME freedom to design your ideal lifestyle.


Compound your success and results.

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