Pete Wargent, leading professional, business, & wealth coach.

Hi there, I'm Pete Wargent

During my professional career I was a Chartered Accountant at one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms.

I enjoyed it…mostly. But I was trading my TIME for money, and realised that there had to be a better way to use more LEVERAGE to build a PASSIVE INCOME.

And that’s what I did, building a substantial net worth by the age of 33. You can read a bit more about me, my background & qualifications, and some of the many finance books I’ve written here.

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Helping clients achieve 7-figure results

As a professional, business, and wealth coach, I help clients who have achieved good outcomes so far to turn them into exceptional, 7-figure results.

I help clients that want to leverage their results and discover their purpose, transforming their personal performance to build their own passive income cash machine.

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Financial Freedom

Are you seeking financial freedom, an abundance mindset, finding your purpose and passion, and precision decision-making?

Do you want to:

  • Build substantial and lasting wealth through real estate…safely?
  • Create an automated personal cash machine generating passive income? (Most of my clients want to generate a passive income of 6 figures per annum...at least)
  • Gain FINANCIAL and TIME freedom to live life on your terms, and design your dream lifestyle that doesn’t rely on your job?

Confidence and clarity

That’s precisely the transformation I create through the NEXT LEVEL WEALTH program. BUT, you have to be prepared to work for it.

NEXT LEVEL WEALTH is an exclusive 12-month program, with a necessarily limited intake (as unfortunately there’s only one me!).

Free diagnosis strategy call

This month I am offering a free 15-minute diagnosis strategy call. And for successful applicants – only if we’re a match – I also offer a free 45-minute strategy session in person.

However, there's only LIMITED AVAILABILITY, so GET IN contact today. I look forward to sharing your journey to an abundance of success!

(Please note: I work only with high calibre clients who are enthusiastic and prepared to put in the effort to achieve big results).

OK, I'm ready!

It's time to take my wealth up to the next level...

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