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Our coaching program isn’t for everyone.

If you are seeking financial freedom, have an abundance mindset and want total control over your financial outcomes, then this program could be for you... Do you want to:

  • Build substantial and lasting wealth through real estate and stock market investing…safely?
  • Tailor your investment portfolio to create a passive income stream?
  • Gain FINANCIAL and TIME freedom to live life on your terms, and design a great lifestyle that doesn’t rely on your job?
Discover your purpose.
Leverage your results.
Build passive income.

"Pete exceeded my wildest expectations as a coach and mentor"

TaniaNorth Sydney

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Meet Pete & Steve

At Next Level Wealth international property buyer, author and real estate expert, Pete Wargent has teamed up with full-time investor for over 20 years and economics expert Steve Moriarty to create a uniquely tailored coaching program for clients. 

Pete and Steve have combined their vast, individual investment knowledge and experience to develop the unique principles and coaching program that make up Next Level Wealth....Read more

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We are currently looking for 2 new clients seeking 7-figure results and are motivated and willing to make that a reality.Learn more here ...

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