Our 4Fs framework: This is why fitness matters

4fsframework investments money Feb 13, 2020

F for Fitness

We previously looked at the first part of our 4Fs framework here, where we discussed what you enjoying doing for fun.

Today, we’ll look briefly at fitness.

Regular maintenance

Buffett once said that if you had to buy a car which would need to last you for life, you’d obviously spend considerable time ensuring that you make the right choice.

And then you’d need to look after it meticulously.

The point of his analogy was that in life you only get one body and one mind, so you should look after yourself well and feed your mind with high quality information.

Moving through the gears

We could dwell too long on the usual platitudes about how health is everything, you have nothing without your health, and so on.

Suffice to say, most of us already know that exercise can be healthy and provide mental health benefits.

But some folks just don’t particularly like or enjoy exercise!

As we always stress – there are many different personality types, and we often have different underlying motivations.

There’s also another aspect to this fitness stuff: the secret is that what you eat can play just as important a role as exercise in maintaining your health.

If you don’t know what exercise suits you then simply try a few.

You’ll likely naturally gravitate to one that you enjoy, which in turn makes consistency easier to sustain.

If you’re an extroverted or ‘people type’ person then you’ll probably enjoy group sports or exercise, such as tennis, for example.

Introverts might enjoy the solitude of running, or something where a little less interaction is required like the gym.

Mental fitness

Equally important, of course, if your mental health and fitness.

This is potentially far too wide a topic for one simple and short blog post, but feeding your brain positive, enlightening, and stimulating information is another key aspect here.

I discussed some of these ideas a little further in the short video here

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