This is why you should think beyond borders

Sep 30, 2019

In years gone by many of us invested predominantly in our own back yard (almost literally so in some cases!).

It made sense at the time.

But today it has become considerably easier to access international markets, so it doesn’t necessarily make sense to have the same home bias that once prevailed.

Australia is a very large country, but with only a relatively modest population, stock market capitalisation, and economy.

If you look at international markets a couple of things become clear.

Firstly, no single market (or sector) outperforms all of the time.

Instead markets take it in turns to deliver out-performance.

And secondly, even the worst performing markets over a long time period still have years where are dramatically positive and dramatically negative.

It’s compelling evidence for buying low (to capture the boom years) and selling high (to avoid the drawdowns):

You can begin to see why the concept of an ‘average’ return can be so misleading.

I discussed this a little further in the short video here

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