This is why you need to value your time properly

freedom May 11, 2020

Using downtime

It’s been an unusual couple of months, which some people have chosen to use productively – to learn, self-educate, get fit, or undertake a new skill – while others continue to waste countless hours on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all been there!

But it’s important to realise that writing long political diatribes on chat forums or Facebook changes nothing.

In fact, it achieves less than nothing.

Nothing worthwhile is changed as a result, and in fact all that you end up doing is sending a crystal clear message out to the world that your time has no value.

And if you don’t value your own time, then the rest of the world certainly won’t value it either.

Not in the labour force, and not in the marketplace.

Time freedom

The great Jim Rohn once said that time is more valuable than money, because you can always get more money, but you may not be able to get more time.

Seen in that context, time freedom could potentially be your most valuable asset of all.

Now if your primary concern is making the world a better place, then you’re living at the right time and in the right system to be able to do so.

You can make the world a better place by bringing a superior product or service to the market, which becomes a win-win scenario – both for you and for consumers, or for the wider marketplace.

You can also improve the world and your environment by valuing your time properly: to build the resources, capacity, and capability to be in a position to do good, whether it’s through charity work, volunteering, or indeed any other worthwhile venture.

Alas, it’s clearly impossible to do that if you’re aimlessly hooked into a handheld electronic device for hours on end!

I discussed these ideas further in the short video here

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