This is how to learn a new language

Dec 09, 2019

Few industries are as riddled with jargon as the finance sector.

And, if anything, the amount of jargon being used out there seems to be getting worse!

Some of this may be down to self-interest in the industry, of course.

By making personal finance and investing sound more complicated than it really needs to be, the vested interests can then suggest you should leave it the experts to manage your money for you (for ever-increasing and recurring fees, naturally).

However, you don’t need to know everything about finance to be successful at managing your own money.

Indeed, often the more complexity you add to your process, the less likely it is to work in a sustainable manner over time.

Simple can be better than complex.

Just like learning any other language, there are some basic terms and phrases that you need to master.

The rest you will pick up over time, as you build your experience and awareness.

But it needn’t and shouldn’t be be overwhelming.

Indeed, a good rule of thumb is that if someone can’t explain something to you simply in plain English, then it’s probably wise to steer clear.

I discussed this a little further in the short video here

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