This is how to formulate a strategy for life

liquidfunds timemanagement Jun 19, 2020

Formulating a life plan

We’ve all heard the concept of spending less then we earn, and then investing for ‘the future’.

But then, for many, it can become a case of…”well, now what?”.

And, to be blunt, for many (if not most) people, the tomorrow that they had in mind just never seems to come around.


Well, circumstances change, and life just tends to get in the way.

How about a better way to think about money?

Multiple timeframes

There are many different ways to approach your finances, but we often encourage folks to think about money across 3 different timeframes.

Firstly, yes, long-term investments are important, to ensure that you have a comfortable or prosperous retirement.

But not everyone wants to work in the 9-to-5 rat race until they’re 65, in the vain hope that life will somehow then fall into place and magically become more enjoyable at that point (hint: it won’t).

Another alternative of reducing expenses lifestyle expectations dramatically doesn’t appeal to everyone either, especially if you want to bring up a family (school fees can be painful!), travel widely, or just more generally drive nice cars or live in an upmarket area.

For this reason, it can be hugely liberating to set aside a portion of your money for managing with a shorter-term timeframe in mind.

These funds can then be used to cover your annual living expenses, because, remember, outgoings are not investments…so they effectively compound negatively.

Perhaps more importantly, you can map our a holistic plan which includes any seminal life events over the next five years, ultimately with a view to designing your ideal future.

We discuss the ‘3 Wells’ concept in much more detail in our podcast series, including in Episode 6 on Total Money Management, and in Episode 10 on how we’re investing our own money today.

I discussed these concepts a little further in the short video here

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