Instead of trying to win, do this

Aug 30, 2019

After spending a couple of ‘gap years’ travelling and playing cricket I started my first professional role at an odd time of year, and more than once this caused some consternation with my peer group when I was promoted slightly out of sync with the rest of the firm’s intake.

Although some people in professional practice saw their careers as a race to partnership, I never thought I’d stay in an accountancy firm for too long so it was no real sweat to me either way.

And it certainly doesn’t seem like much of a big deal looking back on it!

Through constantly treating life as a competition we run the risk of winning a few apparently important battles but losing the war.

Life, business, and investing aren’t like a game of chess or footie with a specific opponent, a clearly defined set of rules, and a point at which a winner of the game is decided.

Instead the metrics, rules, and players can be swapped or shift over time, and you can’t really ‘win’ business or life.

Speaking about his forthcoming book The Infinite Game, Simon Sinek persuasively argues that we’d instead be better served to find a just cause, play the long game, be committed and flexible, and aim to outlast rather than batter the competition.

I discussed this a little further in the short video here

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